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Time For Change – APPG On ABI Launch Report On Acquired Brain Injury And Neurorehabilitation

“Acquired Brain Injury is an invisible epidemic, and we need to ensure that the neurorehabilitation services required following a brain injury are ‘fit for purpose’ throughout the UK” said Chris Bryant MP and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Acquired Brain Injury (APPG on ABI) speaking today in London at the launch of a report ‘Time for Change: Acquired Brain Injury and Neurorehabilitation’.

Brain Injury Survivors, charities, clinicians, campaigners, academics and MPs attended the launch of the report, where a short film was played showing the cause and effect of acquired brain injuries.

Cause and Effect Short Film

There are more than 1.3 million people living with the effects of brain injury at a cost to the UK economy of £15 billion per annum or 10% of the National Health Service (NHS) budget.  The excellent advances in emergency and acute medicine mean that many more children, young people and adults now survive with an ABI, however, many of these individuals require early and continued access to neurorehabilitation to optimise all aspects of their physical, cognitive, behavioural and psychosocial recovery, and to maximise their long-term potential.

Neurorehabilitation is one of the most cost-effective interventions available on the NHS, but there are large variations in the provision and access to neurorehabilitation services across the UK.

The report outlines the critical role of neurorehabilitation in the ABI care pathway, and the need for Rehabilitation Prescriptions for all brain injury survivors following discharge from acute care so they know what neurorehabilitation they need.  The report reviews the implications for children and young people with ABI when most of their neurorehabilitation takes place in the education system. The high incidence of ABI amongst offenders is discussed, as is the impact of neurorehabilitation on behavioural change and reoffending.  The current issues in sport-related concussion are outlined as well as the need for an improved welfare system that is easily accessible.

The report summarises the key issues and makes several recommendations.  Chris Bryant concluded: “ABI impacts on many government departments so a task force is required to address the issues and recommendations as a matter of urgency. The APPG on ABI intends to unite all the departments involved in order to drive change for brain injury survivors”.

Copies of the report can be obtained from: www.ukabif.org.uk/campaigns/appg-report


Decision-making and mental capacity

New Guidance on Decision – making and mental Capacity has been published today (3rd October 2018) by the National Institute for Health and Social Care Excellence (NICE).

Jackie Burt, Chair of the BISWG and Case Manager at West Country Case Management, Jackie Dean of N-Able Case Management and Mark Holloway, of HeadFirst have been part of a working group which has developed and finalised the guidance. There are two aspects that are of most relevance to those working with clients who have any acquired brain injury.

  1. The recommendation that IMCA’s who deal with individuals affected by brain injury should have specific expertise about the condition
  2. That executive impairment is not well assessed by a straightforward structured question and answer format, that real world observation is required.

The resources and guidance are available on the following pages. Guideline webpage: https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ng108. Resource page: http://indepth.nice.org.uk/decision-making-resource/index.html


Teachers should be trained to spot concussion in kids, say MPs as they launch acquired brain injury report

Teachers should be trained to spot brain injuries and concussions in children, MPs demand today. Helping them uncover clues as to pupils carrying potentially-serious head injuries is among measures aimed at saving the NHS £5billion a year. Others include screening all prisoners for brain injuries when they are jailed. One patient suffering a brain injury is admitted to hospital every 90 seconds.

And Westminster’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Acquired Brain Injury hopes to improve care as it publishes its Time for Change report, backed by about 40 MPs.

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To read more click on the following link: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/teachers-should-trained-spot-concussion-13388942

Exclusive: Single protocol needed to treat brain injuries in sport, urges report

The Government has been urged to “step up” and unify critical concussion protocol across sports after an alarming parliamentary report found that schools, colleges, ­universities and even healthcare ­professionals lack understanding of sports-related brain injuries.

#acquiredbraininjury #rehabilitation #APPG #ChrisBryant #Crime #PublicFinances #Cost #UKABIF #TimeForChange

To read more click on the following link: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/2018/10/09/exclusive-single-protocol-needed-treat-brain-injuries-sport/

Mum Joins MPs Lobbying For Better Understanding Of Brain Injuries After Son’s School Battle

When 10-year-old Anson Mackay was left with a brain injury after being beaten over the head by one of his fellow primary school pupils, it was 10 months before he was well enough to return to a classroom…

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To read more click on the following link: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/mum-joins-mps-lobbying-for-better-understanding-of-brain-injuries-after-sons-school-battle_uk_5bbccf00e4b0876edaa27466?guccounter=1

Deadline for UKABIF’s Film Award 2018 approaching!

This year’s UKABIF Film Award, sponsored by Elysium Neurological, will acknowledge, recognise and reward a short film, of no more than 30 seconds that enhances the understanding of Acquired Brain Injury.  It can focus on neurorehabilitation in hospital, and/or in the community, and/or in school, and/or in prison or in connection with sport.

The Film Award raises awareness of Acquired Brain Injury and the need for neurorehabilitation.  A 30-second film will have social media applications so entries must be relevant, impactful, and very much to the point.  The winners will be announced at our Annual Conference on the 5thNovember 2018.

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Acquired Brain Injury Debate takes place in Parliament

The government debate on acquired brain injury (ABI) took place at the House of Commons on Monday 18 June, it was jointly called by MPs Chris Bryant and John Hayes, who is himself a brain injury survivor.

The house heard impassioned speeches from MPs from all parties expressing their support for the issues associated with ABI as well as retelling heart-breaking experiences – many of them personal and others from their constituents. There were pleas for more co-ordinated health and social care, wider use of rehabilitation prescriptions and benefit assessments to make the system fairer for everyone as well as mandatory training for educators.

The overall message was clear  – brain injury is an invisible epidemic in urgent need of political action to address the variation in care and support for those dealing with the impact of ABI.  This covers treatment, support. welfare and education as well as criminal offending.

A co-ordinated taskforce was proposed to deal with the impact of this crisis, as a tangible way forward to resolving the issues raised by the debate.  We are grateful to all the MPs involved, as well as everyone calling on their political representatives to attend.

This is clearly a watershed moment for efforts to secure more support at every level for those affected by ABI and to provide a focus for increased funding and research.

UKABIF is continuing its work with the APPG for ABI and we intend to push the topic higher up the political agenda. Watch this space!

To read the Hansard report click here

To view the footage of the full debate please click on the link below and select the ALL PARTY PARLIAMENTARY GROUP ON ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY tab


Government Debate on Acquired Brain Injury 18th June 2018

Chris Bryant, MP and John Hayes, MP have secured a debate on acquired brain injury which will take place in the House of Commons Chamber after Parliamentary Business concludes on Monday 18th June. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of acquired brain injury in parliament and we keen to ensure the event is well attended.

Please invite your MP to attend and speak at this event! You can tell them your own story of why closer attention needs to be paid to this matter and/or use our briefing note below. Members of the public are not permitted to access the Chamber to attend this event but you can view the proceedings on parliamentary TV. It will also be recorded on Hansard.


Brain Injury Lobbying Reception 9th Of May 2018

The Brain Injury Lobbying Reception hosted by Chris Bryant, MP in Parliament in 9th May was an incredible success. Over thirty MPs came by to meet constituents and discuss their issues with Rehabilitation, community services, benefits and funding.

Brain Injury survivors, families and support groups had travelled from as far as Aberdeen, Wearside and Cornwall and numbered over seventy. Representatives from UKABIF, the Child Brain Injury Trust, BABICM and Headway UK attended as well as many regional Headway groups including Wearside, East London, West London, Worcestershire, Lincolnshire and East Sussex.

Chris Bryant gave a moving introduction highlighting the need for more Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine, more widespread and consistent use of the Rehabilitation Prescription and better awareness of the issues in parliament, across healthcare and in the general public. He also informed the audience that the APPG for ABI were producing a report which would be used to draw together the Ministries of Health, Education, Defence and Justice as well as the Department of Work and Pensions into a conference about Brain Injury.

UKABIF would like to thank Chris Bryant for his energy and passion in relation to this cause, the Brain Injury survivors, carers, professionals and charities who travelled to the event and to the MPs for attending.

UKABIF welcomes enquiries from the media. We are able to provide information about all aspects of acquired brain injury as well as experts in the field to talk about topical issues. Please call 0845 6080788 or 07903887655.