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Title Registered Manager/Service Manager (High View Care Services Ltd)
Job Title
Region South East
Salary Grade 6 Point 26 rising to Point 30 (£27,990 to £33,494 PA FTE)
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Location London
Job Information

Job Purpose

  • To hold legal responsibility for one or more registered home and manage all aspects of the efficient running of the home or homes and maintain compliance with CQC regulatory requirements, Fundamental Standards and other applicable legislation within the home or homes.
  •  To assess, plan and provide for the needs of the people in his/her care through the care planning system and ensure all staff are working to the agreed care plan.
  • To work constructively as part of trans-disciplinary service team (TDT) to ensure care and support plans are regularly reviewed and consistently and realistically meet the needs of service users, while maximizing service users’ personal strengths and skills to achieve positive and agreed outcomes
  • Ensure all plans meet statutory, commissioning and organisational requirements including cost-efficiency.
  • To provide leadership, management and supervision for a staff team in accordance with care plan needs.
  • To ensure that person centred approaches are developed and implemented across the company which place the needs of service users at the heart of service delivery.

Key Activities

  • To engage with the service-user client base – predominantly adult residents (aged 18 to 65) with acquired brain injury and / or a history of substance misuse
  • To develop and implement a system to ensure that Statement of Purpose, Policies and Procedures are relevant, up to date and fully compliant with all legislative and contractual requirements and reflect best practice.
  • To maintain a high quality and homely living environment that at all times is conducive to the needs of service users.
  • To ensure that suitable staff are always on duty through the effective management of staff rotas, training plans and staff leave.
  • To participate in the process of planning and delivery of a familiarisation plan for any person admitted to the home.
  • To ensure in conjunction with TDT colleagues and ensure that care plan agreements are adhered to by all parties in the day-to-day running of the home.
  • To ensure effective communication with all concerned.
  • To provide regular supervision for the care team and ensure that regular team meetings are held involving all appropriate parties.
  • To ensure proper records are kept including all supervision and team meetings.
  • To provide annual appraisals for all staff and ensure that their training and development needs are met and that they comply with any training requirements and progress according to agreed development plans.
  • To contribute to staff training as required and to the induction of new care staff to the home.
  • To managing Support Team members to work effectively and efficiently within a Multidisciplinary Team to provide rehabilitation and the wellbeing support for clients
  • Providing physical care and psychological support to each individual client based on an assessment of their condition, abilities and capabilities

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The post holder will be responsible and accountable for:

1. Carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the post with due regard to the Company’s
Policies and Procedures and social work values

2. Providing efficient and effective management of a number of Deputies and Care and
Support staff including delegation of duties to staff and leading shifts as required

3. Providing staff with full competent supervision in all aspects of their work and guidance in the pursuit of their duties

4. Facilitating participation in training and development and assist staff to understand the
relevance of training to their roles and duties

5. The development and execution of person centred plans for clients

6. With the Senior Management Team ensure compliance with all Care Standards, Health
and Safety Legislation, guidance and procedures

7. The maintenance of accurate and concise records and reports as appropriate or defined,
ensuring that team members contribute as required

8. Data collection, as required, for the overall purpose of monitoring, reviewing and
improving the standard of service delivered by High View.

9. Contributing to the continuing development of the Unit and undertake professional development as appropriate

10. Ensuring good communication within the Unit, wider company, care networks and

11. Attending meetings as required and receive monthly supervision from High View senior

12. Working collaboratively to implement High View strategies into everyday practice

13. Ensuring service users who need help with any aspect of personal care, mobility and
other disabilities including incontinence are supported and assisted in the use of aids and
personal equipment

14. The care for service users who may be temporarily sick or who need end of life care

15. Ensuring production and/or implementation of activities aimed at promoting individual
service user cognitive / emotional / behavioural rehabilitation or wellbeing

16. Helping each resident achieve the highest level of independence they can possibly

17. Ensuring that client data information is lawfully gathered, accurate and up-to-date and
only divulged in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

18. Ensuring all actions are designed to ensure legal compliance with statutes in force

19. Participating in reviews with service users in order to develop mutually agreed outcomes for issues resulting from their physical/psychological impairment

20. Deputising as required for Senior Manager and undertaking representative roles as

21. To undertake any other duties as directed from time to time to meet the needs of the



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