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Title Hospital Director (Elysium Healthcare)
Job Title
Region East
Salary Circa £28000
Interview Date
Closing Application Date 2019-07-24
Location St Neots
Job Information

In liaison with the Senior Occupational Therapist, be responsible for the delivery of Occupational Therapy services to all patients at St Neots Hospital. To work as a member of the interdisciplinary team. To work in accordance with the Codes of Practice of the College of Occupational Therapy.
1.2 To be a HPC registered Occupational Therapist. To be aware of and work within the Standards of Practice from the College of Occupational Therapy and other statutory bodies in relation to professional matters.
1.3 To undertake assessments of daily living skills; self-care, productivity and leisure to identify level of functional ability, risks and level of support needed. To plan, implement and evaluate individual treatment and rehabilitation plans.
1.4 To work closely with the multi-disciplinary team, communicating effectively in a professional, concise and accurate manner to ensure that information is disseminated throughout the whole team and to promote good working relationships at all times. To liaise with other relevant external agencies as appropriate.
1.5 To attend handover meetings, MDT meetings and Care Plan review meetings and feed back to the Therapy team as required.
1.6 To have an understanding of and work within the remint of the Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act.
1.7 To maintain timely concise clinical records, daily notes, care plans and provide reports for patient’s care plan reviews.
1.8 To liaise with appropriate outside organisations for equipment provision e.g. wheelchair services.
1.9 To liaise with relatives and carers with empathy giving information, support and advice as required.
1.10 To provide day to day support and guidance, training and supervision to
Therapy Assistances.
1.11 To ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of all Occupational Therapy
equipment and participate in audits of equipment.
2.1 To directly support therapy assistants ensuring professional lines of accountability and priorities are met and that all policies and procedures are strictly adhered to.
2.2 To ensure the necessary administration and information systems are in place to provide flexible and quality services. To review systems in place in liaison with the Senior Occupational Therapist.
2.3 To ensure all Professional, mandatory and other training courses are kept up to date as relevant to this post.
2.4 To be aware of the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, having particular regard for the following practices:
a) Fire prevention
b) Moving & Handling
c) Health & Safety
2.5 To be aware of the requirements and practices of:
a) MHA & MCA
b) Safe Guarding
2.6 To be aware of and enforce the Data Protection Act 1984; any employee found to have permitted unauthorised disclosure might lead to the Company and individual being prosecuted.
2.7 To ensure the Company’s Staff Appraisal Scheme is conducted according to the Company’s policy.
2.8 To provide feedback of training requirements to Senior Occupational Therapist on a regular basis.
2.9 To attend weekly clinical meetings providing information in advance of all the clinical requirements of the patients.
2.10 To attend monthly clinical supervision meetings with Senior Occupational Therapist
This job description is an outline, which reflects the present requirements of the post and is not intended to be an inflexible or finite list of duties and responsibilities. As these duties and responsibilities change and develop the job description will be amended from time to time in consultation with the post holder.

Louise Smith
email: louise.smith@elysiumhealthcare.co.uk
phone: 01480 210210

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