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Title Brain Injury Care and Equipment Expert (Jacqueline Webb & Co)
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Location Jacqueline Webb & Co, Unit 18-22 Barnack Business Centre, Blakey Road
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About Us:
Jacqueline Webb & Co is Britain’s leading Rehabilitation Cost Consultancy, with over 30 years’ experience in providing expert care and equipment cost analyses for personal injury and clinical negligence claims, working with both claimant and defendant solicitors. Our sole purpose is to provide first-class reports and expert services to the court, specific to each individual case.
We have a team of 70+ Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses and Speech and Language Therapists completing our report work. All of these clinicians are self-employed consultants, working from their own homes nationwide and they all hold an active, clinical post.
What are we looking for?
We are looking for an individual who is clear they would like to enhance their professional development and take on a new and exciting challenge.
In our experience, those with Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy or Nursing experience are best suited to our brain injury expert work and you must hold a current registration. You will have a minimum of 6 years postgraduate experience and have been working in neurological rehabilitation for the vast majority of your career.
We believe that the best Brain Injury Care Experts have experience beyond the statutory minimum and have therefore often worked in independent/private rehabilitation settings or as Catastrophic Injury Case Managers; this level of experience is particularly desirable.
You will have a strong grasp of the typical long-term needs of someone with a brain injury and be comfortable with coordinating care, equipment and housing needs for such individuals.
You will currently hold a post working with individuals who have suffered a brain injury and have some additional time free to complete our work, 10 hours or so a week should cover it.
What will you do as a Care Expert?
As a Care Expert, you will provide impartial, independent opinion detailing the ongoing and long-term needs of someone who has suffered a brain injury. You will conduct a functional assessment in the claimant’s home, using skills that will be very familiar, and produce a detailed report outlining your recommendations. You may be required to defend your opinion at various stages of the process, but court attendance is very minimal.
We will expand on this further upon application.
What do Jacqueline Webb offer you?
Jacqueline Webb provide full training and a high level of ongoing support. We pride ourselves on the level of input we can provide to both our new and long-standing Experts and you will never feel alone in your work. We focus a large amount of effort into ensuring effective knowledge sharing between Experts and provide a number of platforms for this to take place; including a research library and online forum. Our Expert Team are a close-knit bunch and they are all incredibly supportive of new people embarking on this challenge.
Each new Expert receives 1-2-1 mentoring support along with full office admin support; including consistent allocation of work, proofreading of reports and further focused support when required. We truly believe what we offer is unrivalled in this sector.
Further details of our training and support will be supplied on application.
Hourly rates of pay will be discussed on application and considered on an individual basis. Travel time for assessment work and out of pocket expenses are also paid. Travel is not expected to be more than 2 hours one-way from your home address. You will be based from home, working on a self-employed basis.
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