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Category: Workshop Care Expert Workshop (Chapter 2) | Jacqueline Webb Webinar Series

March 13, 2019N/A

Jacqueline Webb Webinar Series

Jacqueline Webb have launched a brand new webinar series. Join the series to discover how you can maximise your potential with Jacqueline Webb. By the end of the 4 part series you will have a clear idea of whether Care Expert work is right for you and how you might get involved.

Can you be a Care Expert? Is Chapter 2 of our new webinar series. In this session we will show you what clinical skills and experience are needed, what personal considerations you need to make as well as what day-to-day clinical role compliments Care Expert work the best. The session lasts 25 minutes with time for questions at the end. Book at www.jwebb.co.uk/webinar

How do I join a session?

  • Visit www.jwebb.co.uk/webinar to book your FREE spot.
  • Receive the login details via email.
  • Login using a laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Sit back, enjoy the presentation and ask any questions at the end.
  • Sessions start at 8pm and last for 30 minutes.