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West Kent Different Strokes support group meet MP Greg Clarke

Communication is key.  This was the conclusion of a meeting held on Friday, 1st February at Southborough Group Scout hut for the West Kent Different Strokes local peer support group.  The group was joined by MP Greg Clark who listened intently to the survivors and supporters who spoke about their first-hand experiences of Stroke Service provision and rehabilitation support at home.  Guest speaker, Kevin Humphries from tmactive, Angel Centre, Tonbridge explained how to access adapted equipment or classes to maintain health after a medical emergency.

Survivors are keen to continue improving after hospital discharge. A range of services have been tried by Lisa Beaumont, including the gym (tmactive), hydrotherapy (Burrswood), Ayurvedic massage (Su Ram – Azhagibeauty.com), and neurological physiotherapy (Neuro Rehab Kent- Sevenoaks). Lisa raised the topic of Personal Health budgets, which can be issued by NHS on discharge, to empower the survivor to source services to maximise their continued recovery.  This peer supportgroup provides a wealth of information for working-age stroke survivors aged 15-65.

To connect with the group please email westkent@differentstrokes.co.uk. Meetings are held monthly, usually on Saturday mornings in Southborough.