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UKABIF meets with Sarah Newton Minister of State for Disabled People, Health and Work and ABI survivor Ryan McGivern to discuss brain injury issues

Chloe Hayward, on behalf of UKABIF met with Sarah Newton, MP and brain injury survivor Ryan McGivern in Truro on 3rd April to discuss living with acquired brain injury and her plans for the work and health programme.

Ryan McGivern, a constituent of Sarah’s described the issues affecting people with brain injury which make a return to work difficult. These include severe fatigue, memory issues, mood management and the fluctuations which occur with all of these.

‘We talked about the lack of medical information currently provided in assessments for ESA and PIP. The ABI Alliance’s Rehabilitation Prescription Campaign, aims to ensure this document is used more widely and will help to ensure details are more accurate and better reflect peoples ongoing needs.’

Sarah discussed plans to cease reassessments for people with long term conditions which will not improve. She also will also put in place plans for UKABIF to work more closely with the DWP as a stakeholder which will ensure brain injury is considered when plans are put in place.