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NIHR Brain Injury HTC becomes a MedTech Co-operative

The NIHR Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative has been awarded core funding of £1.25 million to continue its work to drive medtech innovation for patients after an acquired brain injury for a further 5 years (2018-2023) under the new banner of a Medtech Co-operative. The Co-operative has expertise in eleven clinical theme areas – with professional leadership as shown below – reflecting the patient pathway from initial ictus to final outcome and reintegration into the community.

  • Prevention and Pre- Hospital Care (Prof. Mark Wilson, Imperial College London),
  • Neurocritical Care (Prof. David Menon),
  • Multi-Modality Monitoring (Prof. Peter Hutchinson),
  • Intracranial Dynamics and Shunt Technology (Prof. Marek Czosnyka),
  • Functional Neuroimaging/Neurophysiology (Prof. Franklin Aigbirhio),
  • Neuro-oncology (Dr. Stephen Price),
  • Paediatrics and Neuro Development (Prof. David Rowitch and Dr. Topun Austin),
  • Regenerative Neuroscience (Dr. Mark Kotter),
  • Neurorehabilitation (Prof. Valerie Pomeroy, University of East Anglia),
  • Cognition and Mental Health (Prof. Barbara Sahakian),
  • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (Dr. Andrew Bateman, Oliver Zangwill Centre)

These themes are underpinned by four core support activities:

  • Patient and Public Involvement (Prof. Christi Deaton);
  • MedTech Regulation and Evaluation (Dr. Peter Jarritt);
  • Clinical Informatics and Registries (Dr. Alexis Joannides);
  • Health Economics and Eco-system Modelling (Prof. Alonso Pena, University of Milan)

The MedTech Co-operative has a UK wide remit and will work with patients and public, NHS organisations and universities, including other MedTech and In vitro Diagnostic Co-operative (MICs), research councils, charities, industry, including SMEs and start-ups to provide a structured and systematic approach to find areas of unmet need that might be amenable to a technology-based innovation, facilitate the generation of innovative solutions and foster the translation of viable solutions from initial concept to successful market adoption and sustainable clinical impact.