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Register for Healthcare Involvement and Technology Evaluation (RHITE)

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC) has now launched the Register for Healthcare Involvement and Technology Evaluation (RHITE).  If you have an interest in Brain Injury, either from experience or simply have a passion for improvement they would like to hear from you

The pilot roll out of the HTC patient and carer register has been encouraging, confirming that the register truly is providing a gateway amongst brain injury community – linking patients, carers and families to clinicians, researchers and technology providers. The improved registration process enables the NIHR to match activities to those participants.

NIHR surveys have confirmed that the register is needed by patients, and that there is a general consensus that it is important to be involved.

Please find attached an information leaflet on what the NIHR-HTC is and it is hoped that it will achieve with RHITE. The website includes examples of involvement activities as well as FAQs, please visit: https://brainhtc.org/get-involved/

If you’d like to register now, follow this link: https://orioncloud.org/rhite

RHITE Leaflet June 2017_NIHR Brain Injury HTC