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Mother and Daughter Team Run for Brain Injury Charities

Cheyenne and Bridget Taylor successfully ran three 10k races in three days this month to raise funds for three different brain injury charities. Bridget sustained a subarachnoid haemorrhage as the result of an aneurysm last May. Fortunately she has made a fantastic recovery but in recognition of being one of only a third of people that recover from a brain injury with no long term deficit the duo decided to give something back to those who care for and support people with brain injuries.

‘Many have not been as fortunate as us and they and their families continue to need the support, treatment and care from not just the dedicated staff of the NHS, but charitable organisations such as Headway and UKABIF.’ said Bridget.

Cheyenne said ‘UKABIF’s run, which took place on 4th August, was definitely the hardest. Probably because it was the one with the least rest beforehand – a few hours sleep after arriving into London at around midnight and then 3 laps of a slightly hilly course (although it was described as flat).  Testing but we made it nonetheless and of course it’s all worth it, we had a great time and plan to keep up the running.

UKABIF would like to send warmest thanks to Bridget and Cheyenne who have raised almost £1k for the charity!