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Will Smith stars in Concussion

Concussion is a 2015 American biographical sports medical drama film directed and written by Peter Landesman, based on the 2009 GQ exposé Game Brain by Jeanne Marie Laskas. The film stars Will Smith as Dr Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian forensic pathologist, who fought against the efforts of the National Football League (NFL) to suppress his research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) brain damage suffered by professional football players.

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Ukabif Launches Third Manifesto In Its Campaign To Improve Services For Acquired Brain Injury Children, Young People And Offending Behaviour

UKABIF has launched its third Manifesto ‘Life After Brain Injury: Children, Young People and Offending Behaviour’ to raise awareness and improve services for those with Acquired Brain Injury, which aims to identify young people who are ‘at-risk’ of offending and keep them out of the Youth Justice System.

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UKABIF welcomes enquiries from the media. We are able to provide information about all aspects of acquired brain injury as well as experts in the field to talk about topical issues. Please call 0845 6080788 or 07903887655.