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UKABIF 2015 Award Winners

Congratulations Nick Verron for the Stephen McAleese Award for Inspiration!


After being stabbed through the brain in an unprovoked attack in 2009, at the age of 25, Nick spent weeks in a coma, months in hospital and his family were told to expect the worst. Overcoming all odds Nick has recently taken part in the UK’s first ever full length Para-triathlon to not only increase awareness of acquired brain injury, but to also raise over £3000 for UKABIF.

Nick is pictured with Eva Sobonova and Heather Lloyd, two of his therapists from the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital who participated in the paratriathalon with Nick and nominated him for the award

Nick has bravely shared his story with the nation and across the world, his mother proudly blogging his ever growing list of achievements, BBC news following his journey and success. Nick has let the nation see his vulnerability and has shown people what they can achieve, with or without disability.

Congratulations Dr Miles Rogish for the UKABIF clinician of the year!


Dr Miles Rogish is Consultant Clinical Psychologist at York House, the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust’s independent hospital in York. He leads an exceptional neurobehavioral multidisciplinary team, working with people with complex needs and behavior that challenges after brain injury. This past year Miles has been running brief Compassion Based Stress Management Courses. These use basic aspects of Compassionate mind training in the context of the service and of working in a challenging behavior environment, to enable care staff to manage stress, build resilience through understanding, knowledge and skills. The enormous benefit of this to patients and staff is the reason Miles is receiving this award today.

Congratulations Deirdre Healy (pictured) and Ann Allister for UKABIF lawyer of the year!


Congratulations Deirdre Healy (pictured) and Ann Allister for UKABIF lawyer of the year!

This year two lawyers have been chosen for this award, firstly Deirdre Healy from Irwin Mitchell:

Deirdre clients love and admire her. Over the past 15 years Deirdre has developed a national profile as a Personal Injury Lawyer specialising in Brain Injury. She uses her specialist knowledge to help her clients to make the best of what are often difficult and distressing situations.

Secondly Ann Allister from Carpenters Solicitors, who was sadly unable to attend the conference:

Ann is an integral member of the management team at Carpenter’s solicitors, who has made a significant commitment to the lives of people, who have unfortunately been disabled by injury and illness. Her rate of work is to be admired. She fights her clients corner for them, and always goes the extra mile.