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Brain injury and intensive care – a survey of patient and carer views

The NIHR Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative, part of the National Institute for Health Research, the research arm of the NHS would like feedback about your experience of intensive care after a brain injury. What were your needs as a patient, carer or relative that were not met on intensive care?

They are conducting a survey on the needs of patients with brain injuries in intensive care units.
They are asking current or former patients and their carers and relatives, to tell them about their needs which were not being met by current technology.
This anonymous survey is supported by the Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC), part of the National Institute for Health Research, the research arm of the NHS
The Brain Injury HTC supports research into new technologies for the treatment and care of brain injuries. We strongly believe that research should focus on questions that are important to people with brain injuries, and those who care for them, as well as on questions that health professionals think are important. The survey will ask patients, carers and relatives for their views and the results of this survey will feed into a process to decide which areas of research should have priority.
If you or your relative has

  • suffered a brain injury and
  • was in intensive care or on a high dependency unit and
  • left intensive care at least six months ago

and would like to take part in our survey please download and complete the survey form attached below, or go to https://brainhtc.org/getinvolved to complete the survey online.
the survey form