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Female head injuries on the rise, reports charity

The number of females being admitted to hospitals in the UK with non-superficial head injuries has risen by a shocking 24% since 2005-06, according to new statistics issued by brain injury charity Headway.

While males remain 1.6 times more likely to be admitted for a head injury, the data reveals that women are increasingly at risk and appear to be catching up with their male counterparts.

The statistics also reveal that the number of people admitted to the hospital in the UK with an acquired brain injury (ABI) related diagnosis has increased by 10% since 2005-06.

Using hospital admissions statistics, Headway has compiled the first dataset on all ABI-related hospital admissions in the UK. These include non-superficial head injuries, strokes, brain tumours, encephalitis, and a variety of additional conditions.

This is the first time a picture of incidence rates for all ABI in the UK has been published, with the figures highlighting a concerning growth in the number of people sustaining injuries to the brain each year.

You can see the full article with links to an infographic and the full report of the Headway study by clicking here