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This Is Not Me – ‘Something I can’t remember has done something I can’t see and made me someone I don’t know’

Acquired Brain Injury for London (ABIL) and St Paul’s Cathedral are hosting a month long exhibition of artworks from the unique perspective of people with acquired brain injuries from 26 January – 26 February. The exhibition portrays the reality of living with an acquired brain injury and challenges the perceptions of this ‘hidden injury’.

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The Invisible Patients: New report reveals the alarming state of neurology services

The Neurological Alliance has announced the launch of its new report, The Invisible Patients: Revealing the state of neurology services. Bringing together the findings of the Neurological Alliance’s inaugural quality of commissioning audit and neurological patient experience survey, the report identifies significant variation in the quality of the commissioning of neurological services among clinical commissoning groups (CCGs). Findings include:

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UKABIF welcomes enquiries from the media. We are able to provide information about all aspects of acquired brain injury as well as experts in the field to talk about topical issues. Please call 0845 6080788 or 07903887655.