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Professor Barnes At 10 Downing Street

UKABIF Chair, Professor Michael Barnes, attended a reception hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron, at 10 Downing Street, London on Tuesday this week. The event featured the launch of the first novel ‘Head of State’ by political writer Andrew Marr, a thriller based in the Palace of Westminster, and supported the charity Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury (The ARNI Institute).

The subject of stroke and rehabilitation has been a major focus for Andrew because last year he had a devastating stroke that paralysed his left side.

ARNI campaigns for the Government to provide more physiotherapy for patients who cannot afford it. Andrew was reported in the Daily Mail as saying ‘If you have a stroke in this country and you’re near a big hospital your chances of surviving are very good. The trouble is, a lot of stroke victims leave hospital with their sight impaired, unable to speak, unable to dress themselves, unable to get downstairs and unable to work. If you don’t have months or years of physio, the chances of looking after yourself are much reduced. People without that kind of help have no chance. We’re starting a campaign to pressure the Government to ensure there’s better physio for everybody.’

“It was a very productive evening and raised the profile, not only of Andrew’s new book, but also for much-needed stroke rehabilitation services” commented Professor Barnes.