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How doctors are failing to spot the brain injury that could be behind 30,000 cases of ‘chronic fatigue’

Thousands of British patients suffering from chronic pain and fatigue could be misdiagnosed with psychological problems when they unknowingly have a type of brain damage.

Those people who complain of the symptoms are not given a series of blood tests that can pinpoint the problem, meaning the true cause is not spotted. Patients are then condemned to years of misery and ineffective therapies.

The major cause of the damage is head injury, which can be relatively mild. However, viruses, tumours and even animal bites can be a trigger.

UKABIF Supporter, Joanna Lane wrote this article and is supported in her tireless work to raise awareness of this condition. Click below for the full article or see http://www.headinjuryhypo.org.uk/index.html for further information about Post-traumatic hypopituitarism.