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Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis

On March 4th UKABIF joined a select audience to a preview of Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis

– a follow up to the original Head Games Film. This film looked at a wide range of sports including football and rugby. Research is beginning to show a link between Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in sports people who experience repeated concussions.

The film highlighted the RFU’s pitch side concussion policy – (5 minutes out of play). International Rugby Board medical advisor Barry O’Driscoll resigned over the new policy stating it puts the game in front of the players health.

Many sporting coaches and players are not clear on what concussion is – some younger people featured in the film reported ‘seeing stars’ on multiple occasions but did not recognize that this is a feature of concussion.

The film is certainly worth viewing and can be downloaded from the website- www.headgamesthefilm.com. See also www.globalconcussions.org for further information.